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Wedding regrets not planning early

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It’s been a few years now since I started this blog and I’ve covered lots of wedding questions and topics over the years. While some trends can fade overtime, and no longer be relevant, there are topics that remain hot in the wedding industry ~ wedding planning world : this is what this series of posts is all about:


What Married Couples Wish They Would Have Done Differently When Planning Their Destination Wedding

Of course, no one wants to admit that their wedding sucked, and just like for everything in life, you will eventually remember the good and forget about the bad. That’s how good human nature is!

Follow me on this series and you’ll learn how best to plan your destination wedding in Tahiti and how to avoid glitches or pitfalls that could leave you resentful about not doing certain things the right way.

Whether you are planning your destination wedding in Moorea, or you will be eloping to Moorea to have an intimate wedding ceremony in a dreamy scenery, big or small, this is going to be a very special day. Probably one of the most special days in your life.

Let me reiterate: planning your destination wedding properly is of the utmost importance, else you could be left with countless regrets. Big or small, a wedding is about love, and about money. Wait, what?

I know. No one likes to talk about money. But let’s be real. Planning a destination wedding costs money, and more often than not, more money than what you would think of in the early stage of planning.

Out of the several regrets that couples have after the day of the wedding, not having had quite enough time to plan their wedding tops the chart. And this can lead to costly mistakes.


I Would Have Given Myself More Time To Plan My Destination Wedding

Even with the best of intentions, there are many reasons for lacking wedding planning time… heavy workloads, business travels, unexpected family events, we ALWAYS underestimate how much time we need to complete a given task. What if your business starts booming (that’s great by the way!) or you get promoted to that executive position that demands so much of your time, and you are so damn busy working that you can’t make time to think through what is best for your destination wedding, what it is that you really want to have, and just end up rushing decisions to get things off the list.

Wedding blogs are full of married brides (more than grooms, for some reason) venting about their should-have-been, could-have-been moments. Here are some regrets that these newlyweds have about not planning their destination wedding early enough:


1. Impulsive Purchases

When you have limited time, you are tempted to make quick, impulsive purchase without a thorough research. Before spending a huge amount of money on your wedding outfits for example, you must take the time to think of what your wedding day will look like. What’s the schedule? You are marrying in Tahiti, it’s going to be hot, okay. But will you be spending time on the beach? Will you be exposed to the sun or the wind? Will you be transferring places throughout the day? Getting on a boat?

Those styled shoot photos make it look like this gorgeous dress is super comfortable, with the bride resting on a classy club chair… but on a beach on a windy day? Maybe not as much. Impulsive purchases don’t work for a wedding. Well-thought-out decisions lead to a serene wedding day.


2. Second Choice Vendors

When you find yourself lacking time to investigate further your choices of vendors, you can feel rushed to book NOW or risk losing a vendor. Haste makes waste. Think of what each vendor brings to your wedding experience, and make the time to choose wisely those who bring the most. Will a bouquet that is not quite exactly the color of the picture you sent make a difference in the overall experience? Nope (trust me). Will a goofy officiant or one who can’t articulate or speak proper English alter how deep or emotional your ceremony will be? Absolutely.

What do you want to remember when you look back on your wedding? Great emotions, good food, gorgeous photos, stunning video… what’s most important to you? Don’t miss out on those right-match vendors.


Miranda & Joe’s Destination Wedding in Moorea

Photo Credit : Helene Havard


3. Wedding Party Members

When you have less time to plan your destination wedding, some things are bound to get spoiled.

So when planning a destination wedding and marrying in Tahiti, you will want to plan super early so that the people you want to be there can make their plans, too.

Moorea Destination Wedding Invitation

Julia & Adam’s Destination Wedding in Moorea

Photo Credit: Stephen Govel

If you cut down planning time, you can end up hurting friends or family members who won’t be able to make it to your destination wedding in Moorea, whether financially or because they can’t take time off on a short notice. You really need to take time to choose the members of your wedding party and to consider how much advance notice these people will need to make it to Tahiti for your destination wedding in Moorea!

** last updated on March 26, 2019 **


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