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Traditional Tahitian Wedding Ceremony

Whether or not you choose to have a legal marriage in Tahiti (that is, a rather short ceremony taking place at the City Hall before the Mayor or one of its representative), you may want your tropical beach wedding to include some island traditions.

A traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony typically takes place on a white-sand beach, and generally has you dressed up with white pareu (sarongs) and adorned with tropical fresh flower crowns and leis.

Although package contents vary from one location to another, a traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony package always includes traditional gowns, a Tahitian priest to conduct the ceremony and seal the union, a group of Tahitian dancers and musicians, tropical flower arrangements, crowns and leis, and a marriage certificate made of “Tapa” (the cloth made from the bark of paper tropical trees).

As the ceremony concludes and while being wrapped in a “Tifaifai” (Tahitian quilt), the newlywed couple is given Tahitian names to commemorate their symbolic Tahitian wedding.

Traditional Tahitian wedding ceremonies have no legal value.


A traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony is one very festive celebration, which will entertain your guests with energetic dancings to drum music. These are template ceremonies which really just consist of traditional blessings without any story-telling about the couple, so you will not find much room for customization, but reading your personal vows. I will however make sure that it adjusts to your wedding vision, style and colors, so that it blends naturally in the overall wedding experience.

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