Will It Be Just The Two Of You At Your Ceremony In Moorea? Will There Be Guests In Attendance?


Either way, remember that you’re marrying in Tahiti and that the décor is already there!

Take advantage of the stunning surroundings and don’t overdo the ceremony space décor.

What you will want is to materialize your ceremony space, either by having some flower petals or lovely blooms scattered on the ground/sand (marking the space where you will stand to say your I dos), or by having floral arrangements on either side or an altar to create a nice focal point of the sacred space.


Here Are 4 Creative and Easy Ways To Do Just That For Your Moorea Ceremony:


1. Floral Sacred Space


Floral sacred space

Moorea ceremony space with flower petals

Ceremony in MooreaPhoto Credit: Jean-Philippe Yuam

When hiring me as your ceremony officiant in Moorea, I will always draw a sacred space on the ground/sand using tropical flower blooms or flower petals.


2. Floral Arrangements


Floral arrangementsPhoto Credit: Renaud Fayada

Monika & Tamas' Beach Wedding Ceremony in Moorea

Photo Credit: Helene Havard Photography

Create a lovely focal point at the end of the aisle with two flower stands, one on each side of your sacred space.


3. Lantern Arrangements


Lantern arragements

Moorea Ceremony spacePhoto Credit: Helene Havard Photography

Same as above, using lanterns of varying size and shapes either on both sides of your sacred space, or on just one side to balance another decor/space element. You can either fill them with flowers for a daytime ceremony, or light up candles at sunset, these can go in the sand, or hanging in a tree…


4. Shells


Using shells for your ceremony space in MooreaPhoto Credit: Turama Photography


So incredibly perfect for a wedding on the beach are these seashell-filled glass vases. Dot both sides of the aisle with these to complement the setting and then create a nice focal point at the end of the aisle with two oversized vases on either side of your alter.

If you’re thinking of having an arch or altar for your Moorea ceremony, you can head to Weddings in Moorea’s facebook page for inspo and their latest designs’ pictures / custom-made altars in Moorea, and you may also be interested in reading this blog post on the same topic :

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** last updated on September 15, 2019 **


Would You Like To Arrange Any Of The Above For Your Ceremony In Moorea? Ask Me!


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