So, You’re Sold On Having A Tahiti Destination Wedding ?


I am often asked for advices on which Tahiti islands are the most beautiful / worth visiting, which one is best for a destination wedding and which one you should book for your honeymoon. While there is no right answer to those questions – Tahiti is comprised of 118 islands that are spread across 5 archipelagoes, and they’re all beautiful – (almost) everyone has heard of Bora Bora – best known as the Pearl of the Pacific – so for many a wedding in Bora Bora sounds like the most romantic and the obvious choice, right ?


Is Bora Bora The Right Place To Have The Wedding?


If you’re sold on having a Tahiti destination wedding, the first step will be to decide where to hold the celebrations,  and you will want to weigh up the extra budget your guests will need to travel to your chosen location at this point. The only way to reach Bora Bora is by air so there’s no way around the airfare cost. It is important that your guests feel comfortable with the extra expense to be there with you on the day. You certainly don’t want them to spend so much money traveling to your wedding locale that they then cannot enjoy their vacation in Tahiti because they’re short on cash.

Bora Bora is known as the “romantic island” and most often visitors will stay in their resort for the entire time, enjoying the luxury facilities; most Bora Bora resorts are indeed located on small islets off the main island, so that means you need to take shuttle boats to venture off your resort and that requires advance planning… so unless everyone is booked at your resort, it will be difficult to “meet up for a drink” when you and your guests are staying at various places.

The same goes for the wedding day itself: realistically if you’re considering holding your destination wedding at a Bora Bora resort, all of your guests will need to commit to staying at your chosen property, and you may end up having fewer people to join your celebrations if the cost of the stay doesn’t fit one’s budget.

Moorea destination wedding guests

So most often, my couples will choose Moorea over Bora Bora to hold the actual wedding, as the island is so close to the capital island of Tahiti and can be reached with a short 30-minute ferry ride across. Not only is it very budget-friendly, but Moorea also offers a large selection of accommodation options, from bed & breakfasts to small hotels, vacation rental houses & villas, or luxury resorts. There’s something for everyone plus every accommodation is located on the main island, which allows for your guests to tour the island or plan lots of activities very easily, not to mention that meeting up for pre wedding events or activities is also made easy.

Did I mention that Moorea is also gorgeous?

Head over to these Moorea destination weddings and see for yourself!

Moorea destination wedding guests 2

However, after the wedding day/weekend/week is over and you’ve spent your share of time with your guests, you’ll surely want some alone time with your (now) spouse.

Destination wedding in Moorea

So now is the time to escape to Bora Bora, the honeymooners’ paradise! You can read some dos and don’ts for your honeymoon in Tahiti in this Insider’s Guide to Honeymoons in Tahiti blog post.

Bora Bora offers ultimate privacy and is the perfect place to indulge into a relaxing honeymoon after months of wedding planning and days of celebrating the wedding in Moorea. Flying to Bora Bora after the wedding is also a great excuse to leave your wedding guests (behind) enjoying their own vacation, without offending them.

This article on details how hosting a destination wedding in the same locale as your honeymoon may prompt more than a few unwanted guests to join in on your alone time, and how to ensure that your honeymoon is… well, a honeymoon!

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