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Guest post by Jessica at ProFlowers.

You’re all set on having your ceremony in Moorea, and among other styling decisions you’ll soon get to make will come your choice of a floral arrangement for your wedding bouquet, or possibly your choice of a fruit arrangement for said bouquet… so :


What Bouquet Will You Be Holding For Your Ceremony In Moorea ?

Your wedding bouquet is a personal piece of your wedding that everyone will admire as you walk down the aisle. There are many creative bouquet alternatives you can take when putting together your arrangement so you can stand out. You can incorporate jewels, sweets and even fruit!

Incorporating fruit (and vegetables) are a rising trend that some have chosen to embrace for their wedding bouquet. Kale is a popular choice for people that want a moodier bouquet while berries are popular for people that opt for a more minimal look with a few unique accents. There are lots of fruits and vegetable combos to consider, not to mention a number of flowers to choose from! Not all are available in Tahiti at any given time of the year, but we’ll find alternatives that work wonders.

To help you get started, you can check out this beautiful guide to arranging fruits in floral bouquets that ProFlowers created so you can learn to make a one-of-a-kind bouquet. Their guide includes general tips to keep in mind when arranging and visual inspiration for different types of fruit and vegetables. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at arranging a pineapple bouquet, because since you’ll be having your ceremony in Moorea, and Moorea is known as the pineapple island (pineapple fields everywhere!) this sounds as a no brainer!

Take a look at the inspiration below and a few tips about the different elements in this summery arrangement.


Pineapple bouquet from ProFlowers

Photo credit at ProFlowers


Pineapples are one of the most recognized tropical fruits and serve as a fun addition to a Tahiti wedding. The combination of bright colors and textures in this bouquet help give it a modern feel while still feeling cohesive. Pick out light colored filler flowers to balance out a few bold statement fruit. Additional greenery in your bouquet is another way you can balance out bright colors.


  • Pink pineapples are a newly popular choice for floral bouquets. The mini varieties are the perfect size for handheld bouquets so you can incorporate a unique shape without adding too much weight to your arrangement. Make sure to secure the bottom of your pineapples somehow so they stay in place while you’re walking down the aisle! You can stick the bottoms with metal skewers to create “stems” for you to secure with the stems of your other flowers.
  • Carnations are light and sturdy flowers featured in this arrangement. Carnations are ideal since they can do well out of water for long periods of time and come in many different colors. This bouquet features blush pink carnations to complement the other vibrant florals.
  • Celosia are uniquely-shaped flowers that fit in with this unconventional bouquet. It comes in a variety of bright colors that are bound to make any arrangement pop! They’re available in March-April only in New-Zealand where they would get imported from to Tahiti.
  • Columbine flowers come in a variety of colors that make them fit with almost any theme. These yellow blooms peak their head out of different sides of the bouquet for a bright and sunny accent. Their trumpet-like appearance resembles the look of lilies and daffodils. If we can’t get them to Tahiti we can easily replace them with lilies or alstromerias that are available year-round.
  • Hypercium berries are popular accent fruit for floral bouquets because of their color and small stature. Most are used in addition to other filler flowers to round out a bouquet without making it appear too dense. The white hypericum berries along the center of the bouquet helps add a sense of balance and symmetry.

Thank you Jessica for the great tips!


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