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Jen & Jamie traveled from the U.S to Moorea and Bora Bora in November of last year to get married.



They had originally wanted to get married on a beach in Bora Bora, because they had been told that Moorea was not as pretty as Bora Bora, but after some considerations and seeing how gorgeous Moorea actually was in photos, they opted for a wedding ceremony in Moorea… and also, rather than doing it beach side, they decided that they would have a mountain top wedding ceremony in Moorea instead!

Admittedly, the weather forecast was for showers and overcast skies all day and indeed, it was extremely cloudy the morning of… luckily we did not get any rain for the ceremony up at the Belvedere (a mountain top lookout with a view over the two bays of Moorea), and everything went just as planned. The wedding ceremony included a sand unity ritual, where Jen & Jamie poured sands of two different origins – some sand from Hawaii that they brought along because this is place they cherish, and some sand from Moorea, Tahiti – into a common vessel, to symbolize their marriage.


The sky was pretty clear for most of Jen & Jamie’s pictures except for one area where it was raining for a while, but they ended up going to a different spot for more pictures, and Jen said that they had fun regardless!



Our dream was to be married in French Polynesia. Nelly, the wedding planner had made our dream a reality! Nelly truly listened to everything we say to incorporate the wedding that we dreamed of and every details were planned! I was not sure who to hire as our wedding planner but was SO GLAD that we chose Nelly. She had made the process very easy and stress free as possible as she could for us. It was really helpful that she gave really good advice, tips and is very knowledgeable about all of the islands. Even though she lives across the world from us, I was so amazed that she was always prompt with all of the responses to my emails. I would be glad to do this all over again with Nelly! Our day with Nelly was so special because she created a personal ceremony that was about us and we had fun taking pictures around the island. It was exactly what we wanted. I would highly recommend her to be your wedding planner for the wedding you dream of!!


Thank you very much Jen & Jamie for your trust, it was a real pleasure and great honor to meet you and we all wish you a life full of happiness!

• Wedding Planner + Officiant in Moorea: Nelly at wedOtahiti
• Photographer: Helene Havard + Flying World Pictures
• Hair stylist: Maryline
• Make-up artist: Audrey Bodilis


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Nelly is both a Certified Tahiti Wedding Planner in Moorea and a professionally trained Tahiti Wedding Officiant (Celebrant), but also a Green Wedding Professional, a wedding insider and blogger in the Islands of Tahiti. Want someone with an intimate knowledge of your destination to plan a Tahiti wedding? Someone who has the clout to get you the very best services and special perks? Ultimately someone who will help you plan a wedding in the Islands of Tahiti that is uniquely yours? Nelly provides wedding planning and ceremony celebrancy services in Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Rangiroa and beyond. Follow her on this blog!

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