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Marissa & Aron live in Australia and last month, they took a family trip to Tahiti to renew vows in Moorea… they celebrated 25 years of a happy marriage with 15 guests by their side. Marissa & Aron have never stopped trying to make their marriage a success; they have put in a lot of effort to keep the marriage spark alive. Their greatest enhancement and blessing from their togetherness is their three children, the twins Zach & Christian, and Sienna.

Moorea Vow Renewal on the beach

Their families lived only a few houses away on the same street on this beautiful Portuguese-influenced coastal town of Tangasseri, in Kerala, South of India.

Marissa & her brother would travel from Bahrain to visit their grandparents in India for the holidays, so Aron & her have known each other ever since they were young kids, but as they both agree to say they were “too young for any romance” back then.

This is in July of 1984 that some sparks started to ignite Aron said, and that they really “noticed” each other. They’ve spent a lot of time together that summer and Marissa sure remembers that the minute she laid her eyes on Aron she had a special feeling come over her, there was an instant attraction… she then thought to herself “now that’s the kinda guy I want to marry one day”.

The summer ended and despite the efforts in maintaining a long distance relationship, things just fizzled off over time. They were still very young, and lived in different countries so they parted ways and became friends instead.

As Aron moved to Bahrain for work a few years later, after Marissa convinced one of his brothers to get him a work visa there, they started to spend a lot of time together again and enjoyed each other’s company very much. This is when their love blossomed… yet again, in less than two years of Aron being in Bahrain, Marissa moved with her parents to Australia… it was before she moved that they went on one of their trips to the gold souk and picked out what they like to call “engagement” rings, placed them on each other’s fingers and pledged their love and commitment to each other!

They married on May 22, 1993, in Sydney and on May 22, 2017 they renewed their vows in Moorea <3

Love really knows no borders.

Moorea Vow Renewal on the beach 3

The ceremony was held in the late afternoon on the beach in Moorea, and was followed by a private celebratory dinner and party!

Moorea Vow Renewal on the beach 4

You’re a beautiful, loving family, and it was so touching to see you all celebrating together and especially to hear Zach, Christian and Sienna sing a Capella for you as the sun set in the distance… I wish you all the very best for the next 25 years and many more!

Family trip to Tahiti Moorea

• Officiant / Life-Cycle Wedding Celebrant in Moorea : Nelly at wedOtahiti
• Photos courtesy of Marissa & Aron


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