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Kristian & Kristina are from the U.S., Arizona, and they had a destination wedding in Moorea this past October.

When Kristina first reached out for her destination wedding in Moorea, her inquiry was for a very small private beach wedding, noting that all resorts seemed to have too many things going on, and that they’d have maybe 10-20 guests at most. On the beach, pretty back drop. They also wanted to keep the ceremony simple, sweet and to the point, and after that they were wanting to celebrate with their friends and family, 12 people who all traveled from the U.S. to Moorea for the wedding.

“we then want to just hang out, enjoy music, and some food.”

Moorea Destination Wedding

While it may sound as an easy peasy request, the #1 challenge for this kind of super intimate event is to find a suitable location. 10 to 20 people is not quite big enough to privatize a traditional venue such as a restaurant (unless you have a substantial budget of course) and most private rental homes or villas do not allow any kind of celebrations, and strictly inforce their no-wedding rules. A quiet neighborhood is what makes those vacation places attractive, right?

Wedding bouquet in Moorea

We were able to secure a very lovely place for them to stay, and to hold both their beach ceremony and their low-key wedding cocktail afterwards. No fuss, just laughs and quality time with their loved ones.

Destination wedding Moorea

Kristina did her own make-up and only asked for some help with her hair.
Dave, a dear friend of the couple, officiated the ceremony which was immediately followed by a cocktail with some appetizers and drinks served in the backyard of the villa, where we simply had set up some high-top tables around with lanterns and candles. Kristian & Kristina did not want anything too formal (except for their first dance, pictured below), and surely did not want a seated dinner so we had a dinner prepared buffet-style and everyone just grabbed food while enjoying the music.

Destination wedding Moorea

Thank you Kristian & Kristina for your trust and we wish you the greatest of happiness!

• Wedding Planner in Moorea: Nelly at wedOtahiti
• Photographer: Olivera Photography
• Hair stylist: Colombe
• Beach décor and fairy lights: Weddings in Moorea


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