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Monika & Tamas are Hungarian, they live in Münich, Germany.
They got married in Moorea back in April, and had both a legal wedding at the City Hall, and an intimate beach wedding in Moorea on a private islet off the main island.

They did not want anything like what the resorts offer, and wanted a bespoke ceremony where it would be just the two of them, no onlookers, no folklore, but a private celebration that feels like them.

Monika & Tamas' beach wedding in Moorea

Monika & Tamas have kind of known each other for such a long time, without really knowing each other… Monika says that back in the days she simply thought of Tamas as “the little brother” of her best friend, while Tamas admits that she only raised his attention much later.

Someday as they were going to work, they met on the way and Tamas’ sister complimented him about his good look, which did not go unnoticed in Monika’s eyes. Tamas then decided to invite Monika to his parents’ home for a sauna (hello cold countries!), which is not the most usual place for a first date, but it was on a cold day so Monika thought to herself “Why not…” and as the months and their time together have unfolded, they quickly realized that they had so much in common and soon, they could not imagine a life without one another.

Monika & Tamas' beach wedding in Moorea

Monika opted for a bouquet of champagne roses (off white) to match her champagne wedding dress, and they also wanted two ceremony aisle poles on the beach draped in white and decorated with flowers matching her bouquet, as well as a heart drawn with fushia flower petals on the sand to mark their ceremony space.

After the private beach ceremony, they headed back to the main island for some more pictures with their photographer, before they met me again at the City Hall where they were pronounced lawfully joined in matrimony!

Later that day, they celebrated their destination do’s at a high-end restaurant where they were treated to an amazing 4-course romantic dinner on the beach, with candelabras and torches, butler service, and of course some bubbly!

Thank you very much Monika & Tamas for your kindness, it was a real pleasure and a great honor to meet you and we all wish you a life full of happiness!

More pictures of Monika & Tamas’ wedding ceremony in Moorea here.

• Wedding Planner + Officiant in Moorea: Nelly at wedOtahiti
• Photographer: Helene Havard + Flying World Pictures
• Hair stylist: Maryse
• Make-up artist: Audrey Bodilis


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