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When couples start researching online for a cost to get married in Tahiti, let’s say they have decided to elope to Tahiti and want a simple ceremony, they’ll often find themselves downloading resort brochures and get a sticker shock. While resorts all-inclusive wedding packages might seem to easy route, it is also the most expensive and the least personal wedding experience.

As a former resort’s general manager myself and coming from a hotel background, I totally get it that the amount of time it takes to arrange and coordinate wedding services for clients must be compensated. Sure the brides and grooms-to-be are clients at the resort and already paying for their stay but, arranging for every couple’s wedding details is very time-consuming. That is of course when there’s a dedicated staff for all things wedding.


How Would You Know?

Talking about a destination wedding or an elopement to Tahiti, it is essential that you get to work with a single person all throughout the planning process and that you have that person by your side on the wedding day; if that is not going to be the case, re-think if that’s really what you want and what the outcome could be on your wedding day in Tahiti. Also make sure your designated resort wedding coordinator is not the only person to know the details of your wedding. If that person resigns from the job during the planning process (hotels have a great turnover rate), you’ll have to go over everything again with the replacement.

Some resorts will simply have the tour desk staff (that is, anyone on duty the day you send your inquiry) handle weddings. This means that they’ll deal with booking your wedding just the same as how they’d deal with booking a Jet-ski tour. That is, your request comes in, their contracted vendor gets booked (aka you don’t have a say in who gets to work your wedding), you make your payment, get a voucher and bang, you’ve got a photographer for your wedding… wait, isn’t this something you’d want to discuss further, so that your wedding photography matches your style, and you get the shots you really want? Bottom line, they have no understanding of what it really takes to make a day.


Why Is It So Damn Expensive?

While a resort usually get commissioned off a public rate when selling tours and activities (meaning, you should pay pretty much the same as if you’d be booking direct), wedding vendors such as hair stylists, make-up artists, florists etc. don’t typically work this way. So what a resort will likely do is to add a markup that can be as much as twice the initial price to all services. Put all these services together in an all-inclusive package so you don’t see a price per line item and this is how it gets so damn expensive.


But It Does Not Have To Be Expensive

As an independent Wedding Planner based in Moorea, I work with the best wedding vendors in Tahiti and arrange/coordinate it all on your behalf and you’ll pay their regular prices. Never more (actually it’s rather less as we team up on a number of events throughout the year so vendors will often throw in something extra for my couples), no commissions, no mark-ups, just the right price for amazing services… to me it’s important (and ethical) to emphasize this aspect, as most so-called wedding planners in Tahiti will either cash a commission from what you’re paying for every.single.service, or they’ll add a comfortable mark-up, and again, you’ll end up paying more. Seriously, there’s no reason why you should pay twice the price for the same service.


What Is The Cost Of A Wedding In Tahiti?

Most of my clients marry in Moorea so I’ll share with you the costs of the standard wedding services in Moorea :


  • Cost of a Photographer in Moorea

Price ranges from Xpf 36,000 / Euros 302  for 1.5 hours to Xpf 230,000 / Euros 1,928 for 8 hours, depending on the style you like and approach you have with wedding photography. Options are available such as aerial photography with a drone, at extra charge.


  • Cost of a Videographer in Moorea

Price starts at Xpf 45,000 /  Euros 378 for 1.5 hours and gets to Xpf 200,000 / Euros 1,676 for 8 hours. Both land and aerial wedding videos are available in Moorea.

When that’s just the two of you eloping to Tahiti, and you don’t have the budget to include a video that covers the entire day from the getting ready in your bungalow, to the romantic dinner on the beach that night (we’ll often start in the early hours with hair & make-up to catch the best lighting for photos, so that’s a long day ahead!), that you can only afford a few hours to cover the ceremony itself and post ceremony footage around the island (my couples most often do 2 to 4 hours of video), or you cannot afford the video altogether, I found this app to be amazing : it only costs 199$ and all you have to do is to download the app, take photos and record videos throughout your wedding day (think of when the professional videographer you’ve hired will not be there, like when you’re waking up to that perfect view / sunrise from your bungalow, when you’re getting ready, hair & make-up prep’, when you’re on your way to the ceremony location, or back to your bungalow to celebrate with some bubbles, or when you’re out to that amazing romantic dinner experience on the beach…) :

All the candid moments of your wedding day in one incredible highlight video! Upload your clips to the app and the professional editors will create a unique, ready-to-share video for you. That’s a great way to break the news with the world while still on your honeymoon, since the turnaround time for your professional video will usually be of 4-6 weeks, and I know you’re eager to share something on social medias in the meantime!

Dates fill up fast so you want to make sure you secure yours ahead of time, see here for more details and to buy/download the app (they even have payment plans). ** this app/service can be used anywhere in the world so you can even capture moments as you pack your suitcase and travel to your wedding locale. **


  • Cost of a Hairstylist in Moorea

Price ranges from Xpf 12,000 / Euros 101  to Xpf 17,000 / Euros 143  depending on technical nature of the style, and time of appointment (we’ll often start early in the day in order to hold the ceremony in the most serene and intimate wedding environment, thus needing to start outside of regular hours).


  • Cost of a Make-up artist in Moorea

Price is Xpf 15,000 / Euros 126 plus transportation to your location. She and the hair stylist will often travel together from Tahiti, thus saving on the travel expenses.


  • Cost of Flowers in Moorea

Price ranges from Xpf 8,000 / Euros 67 to Xpf 19,000 / Euros 160 typically for a bouquet + a boutonnière (2 flower crowns or 2 flower leis if you’re into a more islander look would come at a lesser price) or a hair arrangement plus a bouquet and a lei, incl. delivery to your location. Cost mostly depends on whether you go with local flowers or imported ones like peonies, proteas or roses that are way more expensive!


  • Cost of Transportation to ceremony location in Moorea

Usually just a taxi drive and/or boat transfer, price depends on where you stay and distance to the location. If you’ll be doing photos around the island after your ceremony, your photographer will drive you to those locations, and back to your resort at the end of the shooting. When opting for a private beach location for the ceremony, the access to that private islet beach will be bundled up together with the cost of the boat transfers. Cost starts at Xpf 25,000 / Euros 210 for a beach that will be your own (no onlookers, no other in-house hotel guests staring)!


  • Cost of Ceremony decor in Moorea

If you’ll want a wedding arch or altar for your ceremony, price will range from Xpf 53,100 / Euros 445 for an arch made of driftwood and a floral arrangement, to up to Xpf 110,000 /  Euros 922 for the most elaborated altar (4 poles) all draped in chiffon and decorated with multiple flower arrangements; price will vary with the complexity of the design, the amount of flowers needed (which can get pretty damn expensive in Tahiti) and availability of the supplies in Tahiti.


  • Cost of a Personal Ceremony of a Western-style in Moorea

My own ceremony packages can be found here, that is for writing and officiating a personalized and heartfelt ceremony in Moorea as well as arranging all of the above for you!


** last updated on October 30, 2018 **


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