Musicians Wedding Ceremony in Moorea

Most often, the wedding ceremonies that I officiate in Moorea are elopements, so this is just the couple, myself, and a photographer. Sometimes a videographer. And sometimes a musician, maybe a trio, and a solo dancer.

While the majestic environment and the sound of the waves crashing in the background is more than enough to set the tone of your ceremony, you may want to add some music to make the moment extra romantic.


3 Most Popular Music Choices For A Romantic Beach Wedding Ceremony


1. A Solo Ukulele / Guitar Player To Perform Popular Love Songs

How about riding to the private islet beach to the sound of some love songs? The musician will then perform some background notes as I start reading your ceremony on the beach, and then again when you kiss! This is a lovely addition to your ceremony, and the most affordable option when you elope in Moorea.

Couple on their way to their wedding with a ukulele player

We can also arrange for a saxophonist or a violinist if that fits your music style better.


2. A Local Trio To Perform Tahitian Love Songs

If you’ve been dreaming of a Tahiti-of-yesteryear kind-of atmosphere, but not wanting to go into full local folklore mode, I can arrange for an amazing Tahitian singer whose voice is unparalleled and out-of-this-world to sing the best of Tahitian love songs along with her two musicians, and a solo dancer to add some magic and emotions to your celebration.

Local Trio Wedding Ceremony in Moorea


3. A DJ To Play Your Chosen Processional & Recessional Songs

We’d usually have a DJ for larger weddings when amplification is required, and the ceremony timeline includes playing a particular version of a song you want for the processional and/or the recessional (because as much as we’d love to, we don’t have the resources locally to perform Canon in D or the 5th Symphony at your beach ceremony in Moorea…). However when you want to walk down “the beach” to a specific song / music band hit, even if there’s no one watching but your fiancé, a DJ can of course be arranged to handle those songs… so did my lovely couple pictured below.


Whether you go with or without music for your beach wedding ceremony in Moorea, your celebration will be uniquely yours… one you will never forget!


Photo Credit : Helene Havard


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