Back in September, Hailey & Andrew flew to Moorea from the U.S. to have a private beach ceremony.
They were dreaming of a heartfelt and intimate beach wedding, and after considering their resort’s wedding packages, opted for a personalized ceremony on a private islet beach with me as their officiant.

Bride smiling at her groom during her Moorea ceremony

Hailey & Andrew met in the corporate world, when Hailey got hired to work at the same company Andrew was working at.
Andrew remembers falling in love with Hailey like, the second he saw her; seeing how absolutely beautiful she looked, and how smart she was, and kind, and she laughed at a bad joke of his, so he knew in that moment that he loved her. He told his friends, and a few months later he told his parents back in California that he had met someone named Hailey and he was going to marry her… they were not even dating, but he just knew.
Hailey remembers becoming so attracted to this tall, smart, and adorable guy at the office in the weeks and months that followed her joining the company; he would walk by Hailey’s office and say hi, and she would blush every time he did, which he loved, so he knew that she liked him, too. Hailey was secretly hoping he’d ask her out on a date and it took him forever she says to finally invite her to a concert date… she was so glad he did!

Hailey wanted a very natural and ethereal look on her special day, her inspirations being Kate Middleton for her flowy hair style, and blogger Julia Engel for her very natural make-up.

Newlyweds posing on a private islet beach in Moorea

To complement her stunning Katie May Lanai Wedding Dress, Hailey had ordered a cascading bouquet of dendrobium orchids and roses, all in white.

However for the first time ever in my years of planning weddings, the flowers did not make it on time to the wedding. Although the bouquet was freshly designed the same morning so that the flowers would look amazing, although it was on its way to shipping to Moorea – just as scheduled – when I called the floral shop in Tahiti, the delivery guy from the floral shop messed up and delivered it to the wrong ferry company which was departing… an hour later and taking longer to get to Moorea.
It was crucial for Hailey to hold a bouquet at the ceremony so at first, she wanted to wait but instead, I organized another bouquet on-the-fly and picked it up on our way to the private islet beach – thankfully I have excellent resources on the island who’re ready to jump in and assist – so we did not have to delay the ceremony and could keep the schedule!

Newlyweds recessing after the Moorea beach ceremony

Of course, the style of the bouquet was different as it was a hand-tied bouquet of tropical flowers but Hailey loved it, and by the time she and Andrew returned to their resort to end their photoshoot later that morning, her cascading bouquet was waiting for her at the front desk, ready for more pictures!

Bride and groom walking on the beach in Moorea

The day was gorgeous and so were Hailey & Andrew.


You were so wonderful to us and thank you very much for making sure things were perfect for our day. Thank you so much for everything. Merci! :).

Thank you Hailey & Andrew for trusting us in handling your special day! We wish you the greatest of happiness!


• Moorea Ceremony Officiant / Life-Cycle Wedding Celebrant: Nelly at wedOtahiti
• Wedding Planner in Moorea: Nelly at wedOtahiti
• Photographer: Helene Havard
• Hair stylist: Maryse
• Make-up artist: Audrey Bodilis


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