Caterer in Moorea


Caterer In Moorea

Back 2 years ago, I did a series of interviews of my preferred wedding vendors in Tahiti, all those amazing people I am lucky to work with. Laurence from Lilikoi Garden Café / Coconut Traiteur is a talented cook in Moorea and a happy caterer all around!

With these blog interviews, I want to bring the very best people to you. I’ve worked with these individuals, and would refer them to anyone of my couples without hesitation. Not only do they have super friendly and inspiring personalities (because hey, you’ll be traveling a heck of a lot of miles to get to us, and you only want happy and dedicated people to surround you on your wedding day in Tahiti, your own dream team of sorts) but I’ve also spent (wedding) days with them, and seen their work on numerous occasions, so I can attest of how good it is!

If you’re eloping to Moorea and looking for a simple, no fuss, family-style wedding dinner, Laurence is your person!

Moorea is the pineapple island


1. Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And What Led You To Moorea.

I am originally from the south of France, my husband is Japanese-American and we have three kids. 9 years ago we spent a vacation in Moorea and decided to settle here; we both found a job on this gorgeous island. I first worked in large resorts as a Head Concierge then in a Pearl Shop in Tahiti. 4 years ago I launched my own business, a foodtruck called Lilikoi Garden Café right in our garden. Last year I was asked to cook for a wedding and decided to expand my business with Coconut Café, a catering company!

Caterer in Moorea

Maya & Stefano’s 3-day Destination Wedding in Moorea


2. How Do You Work Your Menus And How Do You Select Your Products?

I love coming up with new recipes, I always cooked and get my inspiration in the specialties from the countries I lived in before settling down in Moorea: Japan, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and the south of France. I exclusively work with local producers from Moorea & Tahiti. I work with 3 fishermen, a couple of farmers who produce fruits & vegetables, and a baker who does organic bread on Moorea. I do my own desserts and sherbets and have my own kitchen garden next to my foodtruck for herbs such as basil, coriander and rosemary.

Caterer in Moorea

Caterer in Moorea

Catherine & Rob’s Destination Wedding in Moorea – See my full service packages here


3. What Inspires You? Are There Colors Or Trends You Absolutely Love?

I get most inspired by our luxuriant nature, I love hiking in the mountains and this is where I find ideas for my foodtruck as well as décor items for my wedding buffets. My favorite colors are sand, anise green, chocolate brown, and turquoise for the plates and I often use palm tree and banana leaves for table centrepieces. There are lots of flowers on Moorea so it is easy to use them to decorate. I used to live in Japan and learned Ikebana art there which is great to magnify tables and buffets.


4. What’s Your Favorite Part Of The Job As A Caterer In Moorea?

I really enjoy the relationship with the couples, answering their requests is always a great challenge to me. Cooking at their home, sometimes on a beach or in a garden… I love to adjust to their wishes, whatever that is.


5. Any Advice To Pass Along To Couple, A Signature Dish…?

My advice would be to go with Nelly at wedOtahiti and trust her impeccable planning skills; we really complement each other perfectly and both very attentive to our couples’ requests. My signature dish would probably be the mahi mahi cooked with a pesto sauce and served with a fresh pineapple salad, or a shrimps curry with coconut milk. I also do a lot of tapas and finger food, such as chicken skewers with a teriyaki sauce, tuna & passion fruit verrine (glass cup), and lobsters with a mango butter… I love sweet and savoury food as well as mixing Asian and French influences.


Thanks Laurence! For more about Laurence and Coconut Café, please head to her website.


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