If you’re considering a Tahiti destination wedding or elopement, it’s likely that you’ve been imagining saying your wedding vows in an exotic location, and so will you.

Whether on a palm-fringed beach, or atop a lookout with dramatic high rugged mountain peaks in the background, you are hoping for a ceremony of a Western style, intimate, simple but meaningful.


Moorea Wedding Vows

I’ve now been developing and officiating wedding ceremonies in Tahiti, vow renewal ceremonies and other milestones’ ceremonies for several years since getting professionally trained in the U.S. and obtaining a diploma in weddings back in December 2014.


What Are Your Options For Wedding Vows When You Elope In Tahiti?

As a Wedding Celebrant I will develop and write a personalized ceremony that recognizes your unique personalities, that tells your story and makes your vision of a perfect ceremony come to life. Marrying is about exchanging vows and promises, so this one part of the wedding ceremony is of a greatest importance. 

Okay, but what are the options there?


1. Writing Your Own, Personal Vows

The vows are your personal pledges and promises to one another for your life together as a married couple. You may choose to write your own vows and maybe wish to keep them secret from your future spouse. In this case, I strongly recommend that you provide me with a copy before the ceremony. It will allow me to print them out on a nice, sturdy paper card and hand them out to you – rather than having you dig out folded up pieces of paper – and it will also allow me to review them for content to make sure that they are comparable in length and tone to your future spouse’s. Pre-written wedding vows tend to be longer as when you write them you’re not yet in the emotional whirl of the actual ceremony so be sure you’ll be able to carry out to the end!


Wedding Vows in Moorea

Photo Credit 1 & 2 : Hélène Havard | Moorea Secret Wedding Ceremony


2. What Comes From The Heart Wedding Vows

Some couples may choose to not write their wedding vows in advance, but rather say what comes from their hearts on the day; of course you’ll be thinking of what you want to say before, however if you get emotional during the ceremony, which will be the case, know that it will clearly be a little difficult to say much, as both your capacity to think clear and to talk may be a bit altered in the process  😉 so go simple and straight-to-the-point!


Wedding Vows in Moorea

Photo Credit : Jean-Philippe Yuam


3. “Do You” “I Do” Wedding Vows

Some couples just know that they will get super emotional during the wedding ceremony so they choose to go with “Do you” “I do” wedding vows; no need to read from a paper, no need to remember things you want to say, you simply answer “I do!” when your Wedding Celebrant prompts you to… you want these easy wedding vows short, so that it is not too repetitive with the rings ceremony that usually comes next. If that last option is the one that fits you best, I will craft “Do you” “I do” wedding vows that blend well in the entire story.


Do you I do wedding vows in Rangiroa

Photo Credit: AngelM | Rangiroa Wedding Ceremony

Whatever your choice of wedding vows, your Celebrant wedding ceremony in Tahiti will be all together unique, memorable, heartfelt and true to your personal story. It will sound like no other simply because as a Wedding Celebrant I will craft each and every ceremony to a particular couple. You own your Celebrant wedding ceremony, and so do you with your wedding vows. I will of course gift you a keepsake copy of the ceremony along with your wedding vows cards so you can read and re-read over the years!


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