You’ve narrowed down your list of destinations and decided that you’ll have your destination wedding in Tahiti, or a “weddingmoon”. Hooray!!! Oh wait… you certainly wonder “how can I travel with my wedding dress to Tahiti”?

Brittany & Dakota in Tahiti


How Am I Going To Travel With My Wedding Dress To Tahiti? Let’s Find Out

Back in 2014, I’ve asked Brittany, who traveled on a much anticipated weddingmoon in Tahiti with her fiance Dakota, how she felt about traveling to Tahiti with her gorgeous Vera Wang gown.


1. How and when did you decide that you’d be traveling with your dress to Tahiti?

After Dakota and I got engaged we went to the Bridal Bazaar and realized a traditional wedding was not for us. We decided a “weddingmoon” in Tahiti would be best since we are both in school and work full-time.


2. What was your main concern about traveling with your dress to Tahiti?

My main concern about traveling with my beautiful Vera Wang gown was deciding if it should go in my checked bag or the main cabin. I was worried if I didn’t have my wedding dress with me at all times it would get lost or damaged. I knew that my dress would not fit in the overhead bins so I packed my dress away carefully in our luggage and it was handled appropriately. I was so relieved!


3. Any difficulties in taking your dress along?

I had no problems with my dress but believe it or not I forgot my cathedral veil. I tried my best not to forget anything but as soon as we got to the resort I realized it was still hanging in my closet in California. Trust me, even if you think you will remember it, put it on your list!


4. What would be your recommendations to other brides wanting to travel with their dress overseas?

I encourage all brides that are traveling by plane to check with their airline and find out what their policy is on carrying wedding dresses on board.


Weddingmoon in Tahiti          How to travel with a wedding dress


5. Anything you’d like to add?

My husband and I wish we had found wedOtahiti sooner * because Nelly made our weddingmoon a fun and stress-free planning experience! She perfectly arranged the timeline, contacted and coordinated with every vendor and answered all of our questions every step of the way. We couldn’t have done it without her help! She is so sweet and you could tell she genuinely wanted to make this one of the happiest days of our lives. Thank you again for making our dreams come true!

* initial contact was made just 10 days prior to the couple’s arrival in Tahiti!


3 Tips To Take Away From A Real-Bride Experience Travelling With Her Wedding Dress To Tahiti


1. Check with your airline and find out what their policy is on carrying wedding dresses on board.

A note on Air Tahiti Nui’s baggage policy: as you can see, you are able to carry one (1) additional personal item in the cabin weighing not more than 3kg’s in addition to your maximum allowance (that we all know, right?), with the exception of a Bridal Dress bag when it’s weighing not more than 5kg’s and is max. 140cm long, which is listed as permitted. You should always inquire with your airline as to what is permitted and what is not, as policies change often… but more often than not, especially when you’re traveling to Tahiti to get married, you’ll find airline people can be very accommodating.


2. Make a list.

When packing, a not-to-be-forgotten list will prevent you from leaving anything important behind. You’ll be so excited to travel to Tahiti that you may simply forget your head (or your veil…).
A note on packing: relatively few bags are damaged or lost. Still, consider carrying irreplaceable such as heirlooms you intend to wear on your destination wedding in Tahiti, or your rings, with you in a small bag onboard.

You can also purchase a portable steamer and pack it along with you; past brides have used one successfully to get rid of the few wrinkles on their dress when unpacking at their resort, and it is very light to carry (and cheap). Most resorts in Tahiti don’t offer steam-pressing service but will only be able to do some ironing of your clothes so plan ahead.


3. Get professional help.

The logistics that come with a destination wedding are just harder than for a hometown wedding. Getting the help of a Certified Wedding & Event Planner that upholds certain industry practices and standards of operation, insures that you have every detail covered and peace of mind.


Vera Wang dress in Tahiti


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Photo Credit: Helene Havard


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