With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to introduce on the blog a talented lettering and wedding calligraphy artist in Tahiti, who can do wonders for your destination wedding signage and decor in Moorea (want to know more about full service destination wedding planning? head here).

wedding calligraphy in Tahiti


Wedding Calligraphy In Tahiti – Moorea
Lettering Artist JO

So this month’s wedding vendor interview is dedicated to Jo, a great lettering artist and calligrapher in Tahiti (based on the capital island of Tahiti) who does a large variety of calligraphy jobs, including wedding stationery, photo booth backdrops, welcome timber signs or custom chalkboards, and so much more. Enjoy!


1. Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And What Brought You To Calligraphy In Tahiti

My name is Jo. I grew up in Australia but currently live in Tahiti. I have a double degree in Graphic Design and Communication & Media studies.

Since I was a child I learnt traditional fine art but it was only until I began university in 2011 that I discovered ‘graphic design’. I realised it was a career where I could be intentional with my art. It was while studying graphic design where I came across typography. It stood out to me and became my passion.


2. How Do You Work With Engaged Couples & What Steps Do You Take When You Work With Them?

When someone approaches me to work on their wedding I try to get to know them and ask them questions to find out their needs. I usually ask them to send me some images of their inspirations so I can get a good feel of what type of design they want.

lettering wedding calligraphy in Tahiti


3. What Inspires You? What Colours Do You Tend To Work With?

Nature inspires me. You can find a lot of nature-inspired motifs in my work.

In the context of weddings, I don’t work in a lot of different colours in one design. I usually keep it very minimal using white, cream, or ivory, and a colour palette inspired by nature.

Also other lettering artists such as Dana Tanamachi and Wildfield Paper Co inspire me a lot.


4. What’s Your Favorite Part Of The Job?

I like my designs to be drawn by hand. I don’t like things to look too digital, but rather have a raw aesthetic. In a way it’s ‘imperfect’ but I think that that is beautiful.


5. Any Advice To Pass Along To A Couple For Their Choice Of Theme, Style, Mindset To Marriage?

I just got married in April this year! So I understand the experience of organising a wedding. Everyone has their own personal taste so of course I would just say to go in the style/theme that you want. Pinterest and wedding blogs are a good inspiration for modern weddings.

Thanks Jo! For more about Lionheart Design, please head straight to Jo’s website or social medias:


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