Tarnya has been dreaming of visiting the islands of Tahiti for 25 years… so when she and Denise decided that they would elope to Tahiti to celebrate both Tarnya’s 50th birthday and their 24th anniversary, Tarnya popped the question. And so it is that not only did they make a trip of a lifetime, but they also got married in Moorea – Tahiti! They were thrilled that they could have a same sex legal wedding in Moorea, as well as a memorable private beach heartfelt, bespoke ceremony.

Beach Ceremony Tarnya & Denise

Tarnya and Denise live in Australia where same-sex couples could not at the time of their wedding in Moorea get legally married. While she was doing some research on Tahiti in view of their upcoming trip to paradise 🙂 Tarnya found out that same-sex couples can have a legal wedding in Tahiti so yep, their birthday-anniversary trip could very much transform into a birthday-anniversary-wedding vacation!


A Same Sex Legal Wedding In Moorea + A Private Islet Beach Ceremony ? Yes! Celebrations, Big Time!


Beach ceremony in Moorea


So What Do You Think Of This Lovely Private Beach In Moorea For A Ceremony?

A civil wedding in Tahiti, unlike in some other countries, must take place at the City Hall (the Mayor’s Office) to be deemed legal. One would not be complete without a personalized ceremony in a sexier location, because seriously, you’re in Tahiti and Tahiti is SEXY!

So… what first comes to mind when you think of marrying in Tahiti? A beach wedding! Tarnya & Denise wanted a place that would be private so we decided on a beach wedding outside of their resort.


Beach Celebrant Wedding Ceremony in MooreaTarnya & Denise reading personal vows

The morning bright blue hues of the lagoon were just amazing and that secluded beach was the perfect location to share vows and make promises to each other. Tarnya & Denise have indeed connected their hearts and souls, one to the other, drawing upon the depths of their being, into the need to live united, loving, and complete.

Tarnya & Denise wanted to incorporate a Tahitian touch/symbol into their ceremony so I tied their wrists with a Auti leaf, a plant sacred to Tahitians. In Tahitian culture, the sacred bond, the union of the two, is recognized by the tying of a strip taken from that leaf, which calls in good and protects the couple from evil.


It was such a great pleasure and honor to write and officiate your beach ceremony in Moorea and to plan your legal wedding my Australian friends! Thanks so much for having me take part in it! – Nelly –

Tarnya & Denise

• Officiant / Life-Cycle Wedding Celebrant & Wedding Planner: Nelly at wedOtahiti
• Make-up Artist: Audrey Bodilis
• Hair Stylist: Manava
• Photographer: Helene Havard
• Wedding Dinner: Le Coco’s Moorea (no longer existing)


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