Lisa & Alex real weddings in Tahiti

Married In Tahiti… Again!


In March, I introduced Lisa & Alex to you… this lovely British couple had this crazy idea of visiting as many places as possible on their way from England to Australia, where they were planning to settle in, in the hope of finding The Perfect Wedding Location. This soon became the 2People1Life project as they decided that they would get married in every single one of those potential Perfect Wedding Locations they were to visit.

Before you read ahead, make sure you read my 1st article in the series !

You’re back? Okay so by now everyone knows that Lisa & Alex got married in a plane, which is believed to be the first in-flight wedding, on their way to the islands of Tahiti. That definitely was a good start to a fantastic vacation in Tahiti!


Today Lisa shares with us their second wedding experience in the islands of Tahiti, which happened to be in beautiful Moorea, which I am proud to call home.

Welcome back to the Blog Lisa!

1. How Did The Day Of The Wedding In Moorea Go?

We met Catherine our photographer and Jeff our cinematographer for breakfast and gorged ourselves on everything you can imagine, from rice and miso soup to local fish to cereal and bacon and eggs. We were there for a good few hours enjoying the sunshine, the surroundings and the food chatting about how we could not believe we were in Tahiti, letting the nerves build in my tummy as per usual in anticipation of the wedding!

We were collected from the hotel and driven through the winding roads to the Tiki Village. The minute we arrived Alex was led one way and I the other! Catherine came with me and Jeff went along with Alex. I was taken into a small house made of woven vahine and my outfit was laid out on the table, two pieces of white cloth and a huge head-dress and what can only be described as a big feathered circle that went over my head and on my shoulders.


Lisa & Alex real wedding in Moorea
I was introduced to Lucinda and promptly told to strip and lay on the table in preparation for a purification ritual before entering the temple. Women are classed as impure due to having periods so must be cleansed, purified and be blessed with a prayer before going in to the marae for the wedding.

Lucinda rubbed me head to toe, front and back in coconut oil and then covered me in one of the white sarongs that I was to be dressed in while she sang a prayer for me in Tahitian. I was dressed with serious skill in two square pieces of material and I was amazed at how good it looked…I of course could probably never recreate it, even if I tried for years!


Lisa's Tahitian wedding in Moorea


2. That Was Great Transformation! Did You Have A First Look?

My head-dress was balanced on my head and I walked out of the house and met Alex stood also wearing a white sheet, woven rushes around his neck and another beautiful colourful headdress!


Lisa & Alex Tahitian wedding outfits
We smiled at each other’s transformations and were led hand in hand to the Marae, the sacred temple by our priest, Tihoni and Lucinda.


3. How Was The Ceremony Held And What Did You Like Most About It?

The priest’s voice boomed in Tahitian as he held the ceremony and Lucinda translated it all for us.


Moorea Tahitian priest
It was such a touching ceremony and we loved the tradition of binding our hands in ‘ti’ leaves and then pouring over the water from a freshly opened coconut as a blessing.

Tihoni and Lucinda explain that the Ti leaves represent strength and their symbol in the ceremony is an alliance between us, a bond, a proof of love and faith for each other, rather like the rings in modern weddings. The second symbol is a benediction, a blessing given by the coconut water, the “vaihaari”, which is a pure water. Pure because it is sealed in the shell of the coconut so there isn’t any angry or evil spirit in it. The last symbol is the “kerehaari” where our wedding name is written along with the given name of your first son and first daughter.


Lisa & Alex are now married
I managed to hold back the tears of emotion at the thought of our future family and as the ceremony came to a close the singing and dancing began. The celebrating was such great fun, we had to dance of course and we were no better at it than any of the other times we have danced! I think it is something we need to commit to learning a little more! We had our headdresses removed and replaced with wreaths of flowers and walked onto the glorious beach to take a few pictures!


Lisa & Alex dancing in Moorea
The sand was so warm and the water so still. A tree offered us shade and as I looked down the beach I noticed it was scattered with huge Hibiscus flowers that had fallen from the tree and laid fluttering in the breeze on the sand. It just made the setting so serene, so perfect and as I looked into Alex’s eyes I could honestly not believe we were so lucky to be married once again, but this time in paradise!

See Lisa & Alex’s Tahitian Wedding in Moorea on video >>>


Credits – Wedding location – Tiki Village Theatre | Video – Jeff Wood Visuals | Photography – Catherine Mead | Accommodation – Intercontinental Moorea | Logistics –Tahiti Tourism | Transport – Air Tahiti Nui


Thanks Lisa! See you again next month! Can’t wait to read about your next Tahitian wedding experience… in Bora Bora!


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