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New In The Islands Of Tahiti: Bora Bora Underwater Weddings

We’ve been hearing of Underwater Weddings around the world for a looong time, and most of those we’ve seen thus far are cheesy at worst, or simply not-a-very-good-dive at best.

Many of you ladies (not excluding my male readers here but you know, this is often a girl thing) dream of that oh-my wedding dress and picture-perfect wedding details, hair & makeup. Not all of you though. Some brides and grooms-to-be we know are a little more adventurous and in search of something different, and unique for their wedding day.

It’s your time to get wild about your big day!

Long-awaited Underwater Ceremonies are now available in Bora Bora! And we like it.

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Top Reasons Why We Love Bora Bora Underwater Weddings


1. Want something no one you know did before?

This is your chance, as it’s a completely new offer in the destination.

2. Avid divers?

Of course these take place only 13ft underwater (so that non-divers are comfortable, too) but that’s the good thing about the Islands of Tahiti, diving is PHENOMENAL, even just under surface.

3. Wild… but romantic?

What a better place than Bora Bora?

bora bora lagoon          bora bora underwater weddings

4. Want that island vibe for your wedding day?

It is a great combination of a traditional Tahitian wedding (including local musicians, sarongs, getting to the ceremony site by outrigger canoe, flower crowns, and a Tahitian priest) with the unbeatable and stunningly amazing Bora Bora underwater experience.

5. Need more good reasons or have questions?

I’m a certified diver and can give you great diving/wedding advices all at once!


Contact me to book your Bora Bora Underwater Wedding.


Click the link for a detailed description of Bora Bora Underwater Weddings + Prices, as well as a lot more photos.

Watch the video (note that you’ll be wearing white wetsuits for your ceremony) >>>

Notes: These are non-binding ceremonies; in the Islands of Tahiti, only a ceremony that takes place at the City Hall is deemed legal (I can assist with that, too!). These are pre-scripted ceremonies.

Photo Credit: Gregoire Le Bacon